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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Fathers Archuleta Book

Would you like to know what happened before American History!!!

The Author paints a broad stroke in the ascendancy of the Spanish Empire and the discovery and Colonization of the New World.

Included are Land Grant Studies in New Mexico, the Reis Lopez Tijerina Land Grant Revolt, and the Spanish Missions on the Borderlands.

He mentions Francisco de Ulloa in 1539 who was the first Navigator to realize that the lower California was a Peninsula.

In 1542, the expedition of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and Bartolome Ferro who were the first to explore the Coast of California, proceeding to unfold the story of Asensio De Archuleta, one of Onate’s Spanish Soldiers, his History,his Coat of Arms,his Basque background, his, descendants and their prominent role in New Mexico History, and much more…

In 1598 Don Juan de Onate with 129 Spanish Soldiers and their families including babies, ventured from Nueva Spania (New Spain) what is now Mexico. They brought steel farming equipment, 83 covered wagons, 7000 head of stock, 150 mares, 1000 goats, 2000 sheep, 1000 cows.

They arrived at the junction of the Rio Grande and the Conchos River almost without water, west of the now El Paso, Texas where they celebrated for a week with a thanksgiving among friendly Indians.

From there they headed north to colonize Nuevo Mejico. (New Mexico.)

My fathers book sells for $30.00 Plus shipping $3.75

Book is 8.5 X 11, With 296 pages on hard cover.

Pictures are in color and is loaded with history including maps.

Send check or money order,or paypal payment
Roy A.”Elroyo” Archuleta

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WestEnd said...

Awesome book! I have a signed copy. Plus to ad to my stamp collection I have Mr Archuleta's USA stamp with him on it.