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Monday, January 28, 2008

Photo's from Around the World 2005

Awesome pics aren't they, and each and every one tells a story of its own.

Let us be grateful for what the Lord has given us.


Shinade said...

What a wonderful share CB...i hope you don't mind if I call you CB. And please call me Jackie.

The soldier and war pictures are really hard for me to watch. My son-in-law is in Iraq. And, our family including him do not support war of any kind. He was in national Guard and got sent over there.

If you are wondering why I chose Shinade instead of Jackie to blog under...the answer is simple. In Gaelic Shinade translate as the Graciousness of God. And, the good Lord knows that I always need that.

Thanks for the share,

Colorado Baby Cares said...

Jackie, Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment.

Some of the pics are very moving and I'm sure that God is watching over your son.

Shinade is a beautiful name with a lovely meaning too, really nice, and I guess sometimes we all need Graciousness!

Have a beautiful day,
Blessings to you,

The All Seeing Eye said...

Thanks for the great video post! Yes, a picture is still worth a thousand words....

Colorado Baby Cares said...

Hey Texas, thanks for dropping by Buddy. Pictures say so much don't they? Glad you liked the post.
Blessings to you buddy,
C-Baby here4u

wifespeak said...

I chanced upon your site from the Big Bang meme. Call me Gigi. Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words knew what he was saying. Everyone one of those pictures gave me a different insight into what is human. They strengthen my belief in God's infinite power and wisdom. Btw, I love you site. Care to exchange links?

Colorado Baby Cares said...

Gigi - Thank you so very much for your visit and very kind comment :)
Pictures are very powerful things aren't they?
I would love to exchange links, I will pop over to your blog too.
Have a blessed day and weekend ahead,
C-Baby here4u