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Monday, March 3, 2008


I think of myself as BUTTER CUP, cuz I have a little Latina Temper, My hair is jet black and I want to make things right.

My Eldest Granddaughter thinks of her self as TINKER BELL, cuz she is smart, pretty and always trying to be good.

I choose BUGS BUNNY for my friend and "Co-Author" Colin-Cotojo cuz he is always out smarting the duck,, that's the Colin I know....he knows whats up...WHAT'S UP DOC?

I wonder what cartoon character you would choose for yourself?. PLEASE TELL US WHAT CHARACTER YOU WOULD BE? And say why,,,


Nyte said...

Id have to say id be a tazmainian devil My wife agrees lol

Colorado Baby Cares said...

NYTE, hey thanks for your comment and being honest,, it is actually interesting as to what people think of themselves....I was being totally honest about me,, this is a
little bit of fun huh?
Colorado Baby Cares

aL|e said...

i want to be samantha(sam) of totally spice...:)She's smart and intelligent .. a good girl too and not a flirt one.. :)

purplefrogcat said...

michigan j frog from loonet tones cause i love frogs!

Nyte said...

Yes i thought it was a bit fun i love wondering around in the blogs alot of intresting things go on here and yqw i am very honest about who i am you can tell by my blogs lol

BillyWarhol said...

I'm Prolly Daffy Duck or Goofy!! ;)) But I think U already knew dat C Baby!! xoxo Peace*

Robert said...

I'm a great fan of Butter cup. Have got stickers of PowerPuff Girls from Sticker Giant...... love them.