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Friday, March 7, 2008


My thanks go to to all of my readers and subscribers.

My co-author Colin aka cotojo started his Free PC Security blog 11 months ago and has been in Googles top 10 for much of that time, reaching number 2 on Google Search for his niche, Free PC Security. I was very pleased to learn that he is now at Googles number 1 spot. His blog remains Free without paid links etc. Thank you all for your continued support.

COLIN AS I SAID BEFORE YOU DESERVE THIS,, YOU HAVE WORKED HARD..You are a good friend and Co-Author.. I have never met someone who knows Computer Programming like you, not to take anything from anyone else..BUT YOU DESERVE IT BUDDY...I am proud of you. Your Buddy Colorado Baby

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1 comment:

Colorado Baby Cares said...

COLIN, I KNOW YOU HAVE MANY WONDERFUL BLOGS AND I SEE THE RESPECT AND HONOR YOU HOLD. I am happy to be your friend, and I am glad that God has put us on the same path.. You are my buddy and I want people to know what a nice man and caring person that you are, not just by my words but by seeing your work. Anyway your #1 in my book. Your buddy Colorado Baby says keep it up dude..